Mc’ Ads

Presented By Hanbin Wu

McDonald’s operates over “31,000 restaurants worldwide”, “employing more than 1.5 million people”.  For operating such a large scale corporation, advertisement plays an important role in it. On the one hand, McDonald’s advertisements help the company establish a positive image so that McDonalds can expand its market, and make more people become its customers.  On the other hand, because of their popularity, the media scrutinizes the authenticity of its advertisements, and the public criticizes McDonalds, more frequently.

While their advertisements are helpful to promote their company, if McDonald’s doesn’t use these advertisements carefully, they will bring adverse impacts onto corporate reputation.

In 1949, McDonald’s offered French fries for the first time, which replaced potato chips on the McDonald’s menu.  McDonald’s French fries are made with potatoes and cooked in Canola oil.  The color of the French Fries is always fresh golden, which looks fluffy and soft.  And the color of the packaging box is pure red with the big yellow “M” logo on the middle of the right side.  Therefore, the colors of this food production create senses of warm, active, and healthy.  Even though these French fries are not in the same length, they have a generally same size.   When these French fires are standing in the opened fan-shaped packaging box, which seems extending out in a half-circle, and this food production presents a sense of dynamic radial movement with industry design, which is lively and friendly, and reminded consumers of the sun.  McDonald’s advertisements force people to receive a large amount of information of it, so that people will build a signal in their minds subconsciously.  Whenever people get hungry, the idea about McDonald’s occur to them as fast as it could.  In a sense, McDonald’s wins market opportunities in this way.

In addition, the decorations of McDonald’s restaurants are always being same style with its advertisements.  Theoretically speaking, McDonald’s restaurant is a big advertisement for its business, too.

Children always seem expectant for the coming of their food.  Parents love to order the “happy meals” combo for their kids, and the playful packaging box of the combo attracts children more than the food productions inside of it.

When the children are sitting behind table and eating kid size juicy hamburger and famous French fries, they are looking at the red packaging box.  This small McDonald’s magic box attracts children to eat McDonald’s food.  Even the apple juice can be sold well in McDonald’s bottle.

McDonald’s is making effort to improve their food into a “low fat” level, at least, its advertisement says so.  It is true that the kids market has a great profit in the food industry.  But, it is important to take care of the balance between the profit and children’s health.


Back in 2002, McDonald’s had been trumpeting for its new size of foods, supersize.  One of McDonald’s advertisement use “More Fries!  More Drink!  More Value!  Super-Size & Save!” as its slogan in that period.  It misguided customers into a wrong attention direction, and people were easier to focus on the “amazing” food size rather than the health problems.

When the public realized that they had been misguided, McDonald’s was already distrusted and criticized by media.  Therefore, McDonald’s had to make up for the mistake they had made in advertisements.

McDonald’s advertisements can be defined as a double-edged sword in its business.  It helps McDonald’s to attracts thousands of people’s attentions; meanwhile, it draws criticism from media when McDonald’s use them incorrectly.  In a sense, McDonald’s cannot live without advertisements, even though which are not perfect and still need to be improved.  As was mentioned above, the advertisements push McDonald’s to improve its food production quality as well.  As McDonald’s itself, it is necessary that the corporation still has a long way to step forward for its business with its food productions and advertisements.


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