Presented by Bryan Valencia

McDonald’s is maybe the most popular and creative fast food corporations today. Also being one of the largest and profitable fast food chains, and as each day goes by the McDonald’s corporation grows. Just how their signs say “Billions and Billions Served”, McDonald’s is super huge. Spending over 2 billion dollars on advertising itself is simply amazing. The big golden arches are recognizable almost anywhere in the world. Using the hottest and collectable toys, clever slogans, and celebrities, McDonald’s just keeps on going.

In the late 1940’s McDonald’s was started by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. They owned McDonald’s Bar-B-Que in San Bernardino, California. Selling 10 cent hamburgers, those are the things that sold a lot in their drive through restaurant. Later in the 50’s a salesman by the name of Ray Kroc was intrigued at what the brothers were doing. He becomes their business partner/ agent and helps them open another shop in Illinois. Ray Kroc hires Fred Turner, who then becomes Chairman of McDonald’s. Business was going so well that by the end of 1959, their 100th McDonald’s was opened in Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin. Then 4 years later, the 5ooth McDonald’s restaurant was open in Toledo, Ohio. Then in 1966 Ronald McDonalds made it TV premier in their first commercial.

The following year they went international and open stores in Canada and Puerto Rico. Finally by 1969, McDonald’s does some remodeling and the big golden arches make their debut. Around ten years later they open their 5oo0th restaurant in Japan, and by the end of 1983, McDonald’s is located in 32 countries around the world, and with over 7,700 restaurants stationed. During the 90’s McDonald’s goes through a series of advertisement slogan’s but nothing has been more memorable than the “I’m lovin’ it” slogan that is used today. But the increasing rate of how successful McDonald’s has been is all due to the fact that they know how to market/advertise themselves to the public. That’s a big reason why they make so much money. But this is the fast food place that we all have come to love and appreciate. They are the best, and their advertising team is a reason why.


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