Presented By Olivia Zerapio

Fast food is pretty much seen as being bad, although there are some exceptions the majority of the foods served at fast food restaurants contain an insane amount of calories, and tons of fat, and are high in almost everything else you would want your food to be low in. Fast food is the kind of food you would want to avoid eating and yet how many of us eat fast food? Almost everyone I know eats fast food.

A very good example in my opinion of what McDonald’s food can do to you is the documentary Super Size me, directed by Morgan Spurlock. To give a brief overview the director Morgan Spurlock ate McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner for thirty days. The turnout was obvious. Spurlock gained 24 ½ lbs, a 13% body mass increase and his cholesterol level rose to 230. It only took 30 days to gain those 24 lbs but it took fourteen months to lose the weight gained from his experiment.

Below there is a video that shows brief parts of the documentary that hit the main points if you have not seen the film, this will give you an over view of the film, check it out!

Although yes this is an extreme case of eating fast food, but the reality is that many of us eat fast food on a daily basis. I will personally be honest, and admit that it is very hard to be a full time college student and have a full time job, and still find the time to make a nutritional meal at home. Though it is not impossible in many cases it’s still improbable for a college student. Below there is a video that has information such as how junk food is ‘as addictive as heroin and smoking, it is crazy to believe but watch this video, and you will be surprised what you find out about fast food!

If you want to live a longer, healthier life you should start eliminating certain foods from your diet. Foods that are high in hydrogen oil, sugar and chemicals can significantly shorten your lifespan. They can lead to diseases such as heart disease, digestive disease and diabetes, just to name a few. Fast foods are filled with preservatives, chemicals and hydrogenated fats. Even though there are those so called “healthy” fast foods, they are still dangerous to your health because they contain preservatives, which aren’t found in real foods. More information can be found in the article foods that will kill you.

Now I know how hard it is to know what we should and should not eat, but I have provided the Calorie Counter that shows the different types of fast food we should eat, if we must eat fast food might as well make some kind of healthy choice.

Also I have provide a way to locate McDonald’s food calories if you are now wondering how many calories you are actually taking in while eating at McDonald’s.

Now to close this presentation, I want to ask you this question,


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